Uplands Reserve
Uplands Reserve is a 500 acre, high-end, large-lot, environmentally-sensitive residential development located 30-miles east of Seattle in unincorporated King County Washington. Allen & Company negotiated a creative solution to King County's environmental concerns about developing land designated for forestry. Allen developed and implemented a strategy that included protecting approximately 300 acres of wildlife and forest habitat, installed state-of-the- art storm water treatment facilities, enlarged sensitive area buffers and minimized residential disturbance areas.
In addition, a conservation easement was provided and an adjacent parcel was acquired as open space in order to preserve it from helicopter logging. These actions resulted in the King County Council voting unanimously to allow the development to move forward while doubling the original lot count. This highly successful project was conceived, financed, acquired, entitled, built, marketed and sold all under Allen's direction.
Alderra Ridge

In a unique partnership with the Cascade Land Conservancy, Allen master-planned, financed, acquired, entitled, built, marketed and sold approximately 240 acres of land conceived as the Patterson Creek Preserve and known today as Alderra Ridge. This parcel was purchased from a Port Blakely Communities entity which had unsuccessfully sought entitlements over a 15-year period for approximately 200 dwelling units.

Allen devised a new strategy for the property: 30 estate-sized parcels, the sale of a conservation easement that enhanced and protected 195 acres of forest land, the transfer of a water rights that eliminated substantial off-site infrastructure expense,and implementation of "smart water use" strategies that pacified the local water purveyor and garnered strong support from the organized neighborhood council and the local Native American tribes who had an ancestral interest in the area. These efforts ultimately resulted in a very successful project both from an ecological, community and financial perspective.